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Those who struggle with the physical, emotional and psychological effects of addiction need professional help to quit. Many times, the first step of treatment involves detoxification. This process can be difficult and uncomfortable, and often requires the help of medical professionals. When the detoxification procedure is carried out under medical supervision it is referred to as medical detox. When a person undergoes medical detox, it means that they go through the process of eliminating the drug from their system and the immediate aftereffects in rehab facility or drug addiction treatment center.

At Drug Treatment Centers McAllen, the withdrawals they experience and the rate at which they detox are all closely monitored by a team of trained medical professional. In many cases, the controlled nature of medical detox means that the recovering addict will be gradually weaned off of the addictive substance so as to reduce the risk of serious complications and withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, those withdrawal symptoms may be treated with prescription drugs, IV fluids, or other medical interventions as needed. Our team of medical experts is ready to help you get back on the right path. Call McAllen Drug Treatment Centers today at (956) 854-2342, and start getting healthy.

What Is The Benefit Of Medical Detox Over Home Detox?

Detoxing at home can be a dangerous endeavor for a few key reasons. First, when a person attempts to detox on their own, they try to go cold turkey, meaning they suddenly and abruptly stop using the drug they are addicted to. Depending on the drug and the medical condition of the addict, this can have severe and dire consequences.

And even if the person tries to gradually reduce the amount of the drug in their system, they do not have the medical expertise to do so safely, and there is still no guarantee regarding withdrawal symptoms. There is no way to know ahead of time if a person will suffer only minor symptoms or the more serious and intense ones. Additionally, addiction is a powerful problem to overcome and the cravings during this process will be intense. Detoxing at home increases the risk of relapse because of easier access to the drug.

Medical detox all but eliminates all of the risks associated with home detox. Highly trained professionals will monitor the detox process and the gradual elimination of the drug from the patient symptoms. Vital signs and withdrawal symptoms will be closely monitored and treated throughout the process, and the patient will have no access to the drug they are addicted to as they are in a regulated and monitored medical facility. And, if the worst withdrawal symptoms do occur, they will have immediate access to any needed medical treatments and interventions.

What Are Some Of The Common Withdrawal Symptoms?

While withdrawal symptoms have already been mentioned, it is important to note some of the most common ones in order to understand why medical detox is the best choice for dealing with these symptoms.

OxyContin Withdrawals

  • extreme aches and pains
  • nausea
  • coughing and runny nose
  • vomiting
  • sweats
  • diarrhea

Heroin Withdrawals

  • dilated pupils
  • feelings of body heaviness
  • muscle aches
  • extreme agitation
  • goosebumps
  • labored breathing
  • death if a person has other medical conditions

Crystal Meth Withdrawals

  • dry mouth
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • paranoia
  • psychosis
  • excessive sweating

Now that you are better informed about detox and the realities of withdrawals, you can better understand the benefits and necessity of medical detox. So, be sure that when you are ready to take the first step towards recovery, you do so by choosing a medical detox facility that can help you through the process. Call Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers McAllen at (956) 854-2342.

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