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Millions of people nationwide suffer from various forms of substance abuse or drug addiction and do not even realize they are doing so. Drugs such as klonopin, which can be obtained via prescription legally, are often overlooked in discussions of drug addiction and substance abuse. However, to prevent this continued misrepresentation, get to know more about klonopin, how it is addictive, and the treatment options available to deal with it.

Klonopin, which is also commonly known as clonazepam, is a prescription medication that is most often prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety and panic disorders or for seizure. The medication functions primarily as a sedative and a muscle relaxant.

How Is Klonopin Addictive?

Many people find it difficult to understand how a prescription medication can become addictive. However, in most cases the reason a legal, prescription medication becomes is addictive is because of the precise effect that it is designed to have on the body and mind. In the case of klonopin the intended effect is anxiety relief or reduction through a sensation of deep calm and relaxation, and euphoria. These intensely positive feelings can be quite profound for patients who have suffered from chronic anxiety and worry for years. However, the euphoric effect fades over time, and the patient develops a tolerance to the medication. This means they require higher and higher doses to achieve the same sense of calm and euphoria. As such a cycle of abuse begins and an addiction forms.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Addiction?

Klonopin abuse and addiction have some telltale signs and symptoms if you know what to look out for. The primary changes are behavioral and emotional. Such symptoms can include financial troubles, irritability, increased levels of anxiety, depression, restlessness, a loss of interest in relationships or activities, drug-seeking behavior, and insomnia. The physical indicators of abuse and addiction can include skin rashes, diarrhea, breathing troubles, nausea, seizures, and elevated heart rates.

What Are The Symptoms Of Withdrawal?

Once an addiction forms, if a person cannot get enough of the drug frequently enough or they attempt to cease their addictive behaviors, the will go into withdrawals. Klonopin withdrawal symptoms are often intense and include depression, seizures, high levels of anxiety, muscle cramps, and tremors. Patients may also act aggressively, express anger, and even develop psychosis. Because patients undergoing withdrawals from klonopin can be violent and lose mental awareness (psychosis), it is best not to try to go through this process at home. Instead detoxing in a medical detox environment such as a hospital or rehab center is the safest option available.

What Are The Treatments?

Addiction to klonopin, just like any other drug addiction, is treated first through detox. This eliminates the substance from the addict’s system. When this process is complete the remaining treatments begin. These include individual, group, and possibly even family therapies to help patients identify triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and learn how to rebuild relationships that may have been damaged through drug abuse. Additional therapies can include chiropractic care and acupuncture to help treat physical aches and pains as well as to naturally reduce stress and anxiety, yoga to develop a connection between the mind and body, and art therapy to allow patients to express their thoughts and feelings through creating artwork.

Klonopin addiction is often overlooked by popular media discussions of drug addiction. However, now that you understand the nature of klonopin, and all that goes into addiction and recovery, you will be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of klonopin addiction in yourself and others and seek out appropriate and necessary treatments as quickly as possible.

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