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Once you take the first step towards health and sobriety by admitting to yourself and the people you care about that you have a substance abuse problem or addiction, you find yourself wondering what comes next. The next step you need to take is to begin to explore and then choose between the different available addiction recovery programs. Addiction recovery programs differ from one another in various ways including the recovery program models they use as well as the many treatment options. So, before you select an addiction recovery program at random, get to know some of the different options available and choose the one that best caters to your preferences and needs. (956) 854-2342

What Are The Addiction Recovery Models

Addiction recovery plans exist in three basic models or categories, meaning they are each designed with a different underlying theory in mind. These models, however, are not mutually exclusive and can be combined or can overlap to form a cohesive and comprehensive treatment program.

The Motivational Interviewing Model

Motivational interviewing techniques, when applied to addiction treatment, revolve around the idea of developing a close alliance between the recovering addict and their therapist. While this may seem counterintuitive for what you know of professional distancing often promoted by therapists and patients alike, this model of treatment blurs that line a bit to cater to patients who have problems succumbing to authority, engage in power struggles, or cannot develop trusting relationships in general. Allowing the recovering addict to feel that their therapist is on their side helps the patient to become fully engaged in their recovery rather than focusing on a contentious relationship with their therapist. Because this is a treatment that focuses on a specific social bond, it focuses primarily on individual therapy.

The Cognitive/Behavioral Model

Cognitive/behavioral models of addiction recovery are therapeutic techniques that deal with the behaviors and feelings that lead a person to develop a substance abuse problem. Individual and group therapies are used to help a recovering addict learn what caused their addiction, what triggers addictive behaviors, and helps a patient to learn how to healthily and soberly cope with those issues to avoid relapse.

The Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentives method is pretty self-explanatory. This model uses prizes or rewards to get recovering addicts to become more engaged and active in their treatment program. Motivational incentives are best used with patients who are, for any reason, reluctant or resistant to fully participating and engaging in their treatments. Prizes such as food, outings, or even cash can be used to reward patients for attending or participating in treatments such as art therapy, group therapy, or for taking required medications. This is often used in the early stages of recovery but then tapers off as patients begin to understand the value of their treatments.

Recovery Treatments

Within the recovery programs, various different treatment options are available as well. These can include:

Art Therapy: Patients get the opportunity to express their emotions by creating works of art such as paintings, sculpture, pottery, and drawings and then discussing the feelings portrayed therein with other recovering addicts.

Equine Therapy: Patients who have minimal emotional awareness interact with and complete tasks with horses to develop an understanding of how their emotions affect others and how to properly build trusting relationships.

Recovery programs are not one size fits all, but are as wide and varied as the patients attempting to recover from their addictions. So, choose a program the uses treatment models that suit you and individual treatments that you think would be effective at helping you through the recovery process. Call Drug Treatment Centers McAllen to find out more about the treatment programs and services we offer. Dial (956) 854-2342 today.

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